Two years ago was the start of my actuarial career. The very first day when I started, all the feels still remain in mind. Glad to experience the work situation I expected - the work, the colleagues, the environment. In this post, I would like to share my reflection, even though it's a very short time in terms of someone's career.

Actuarial work is relatively an interesting work. To determine the current financial implications of future contingent risk through numbers, is challenging yet rewarding. As an entry-level actuary, the challenging part is to be able to focus as we are dealing with numbers and be detail oriented, but the fun part is we are able to see the decisions made and outcome from our work. May sometimes get different point of view from other parties, the way to get a solution through it is interesting. As someone in pricing in insurance industry, I get to experience many chance and opportunities - support and learn the business through the work, continuous learning and to build friendships and relations with actuaries.

Despite all the experiences, personally, the most meaningful thing in this career is to be able to hold an influential role. I might not do it alone, but also through learning from senior actuaries and other colleagues as a team. To be able to give back to the community from what we enjoy in our daily activities is something special to me. Might further explore in the future, but it is one of the reason that keeps me going forward in this career till now. We were all created for a purpose, and life is a process of continuous learning. In the end, it's about to understand what is our calling, and what we do suit our values and goals, right? Never lose hope, keep hold on to your dreams.

Best Regards,

Earlitha Olivia


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