There is always a time of transition between periods, and this year is one of them. The transition between uni to career world, things are always getting tougher and tougher. At the beginning of the year I know it is going to be tougher, but wouldn’t expect this year to be this tough.

Year 2019 with the new and dynamic environment, trying to understand the purpose of life and the path that i am stepping in. Graduated from uni, together with career thing is one of a ride. As I checked one point to complete my actuarial studies and then moving forward to the other which is starting my actuarial career, there goes worries and anxiety.

And when I thought that I am quite stable at that moment, there goes the issue. Spent most of 2019 full of tears. But, as time goes I do understand that this issue happens for a reason, and to achieve my stage at this moment, I need to face it first. At this time, would like to thank the people who trust and believe in me. Who give me the chance to stay in the path I am currently living up to, and brought me to the person I am now.

One unpredictable moment for me is that I passed fellowship exams. Honestly didn’t expect it to happen, my understanding is that fellowship somehow relates to our working experience. And everything is new - environment is new, work is new, the lesson for fellowship exam is also new. Need to adapt in everything: in the way of interaction, in the way of learning, in time management. Things I knew is that I just want to take my 1st attempts in these exams, without any expectation. But as I realize that as we are eager to learn, both in the work and exam, we are ready for it.

Aside from all of the above, my venture in calligraphy also needs some concern, action plans are there but I knew I need to work hard to achieve it. Not many, but this is a big one for me as this is one that is in my checklist. Got to work with fashion brands also e-commerce for their live events as the calligrapher, also branched to wedding calligraphy items. Truly happy for the opportunity.

Year of self understanding - trying to understand myself in terms of what truly makes me content. To whom I really want to spend my time with, and not to spend time on something my heart doesn’t want to.

2019 is shocking - far from expected, unfamiliar yet it is truly a year full of lessons and good points. However I ended this year with a grateful heart, happy mind. I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year, to you who sticks with me through reading this blog, truly means a lot for me.



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