With God, All Things are Possible.

Thank God I've passed my thesis defense on January 25, 2019. Even though I agreed with everyone that argued that thesis is a big barricade for someone to get his or her degree, I enjoyed the process in it. My thesis is about obesity modelling with Markov Chain process, which requires new understanding of some methods. From finding it's topic, data, research and writing it, I do enjoy the studying the methods used and investigating the results.

Applied Mathematics UPH Lecturers
Accomplished this thesis defense means that I got to accomplish one more degree (unofficially), Earlitha Olivia Lionel, ASAI., S.Mat. These degrees made me rewind all the things I've done to finish this 3 years of studying. So thankful for lecturers that gave me not only skills in mathematics, but also help me in pursuing the actuarial certification, to build applied mathematics of UPH to be better each and every year. 

Applied Mathematics UPH Friends
Thankful for the closest friends from applied mathematics UPH. So grateful for each and every moments, for the supports they gave to me in studying (actuarial exams and classes) and also thesis. Congratulations on your thesis defense guys. Also for the ones who is still working on it, don't be discouraged on your thesis process, you guys can do it! 

HMM-UPH 2016-2017 Committee
Thankful for the friends that I get to be close with through organizations and committees. Learnt a lot from them, to elaborate with others and to widen relationships. Such a good place to grow and develop together to work as an individual or a team. 

Applied Mathematics UPH Events
Thankful for the unforgettable and unexpected opportunities received through the 3.5 years as an actuarial student. To be a representative as an applied mathematics students in an important memorandum and share some knowledge to others about actuarial science. I learnt that we need to have a positive energy, to build and develop our environment together, whether in university or other surroundings around us.

It's been a wonderful 3,5 years of studying the basic and also applied actuarial skills. Can't wait what God has in store for me. What's your experience guys? Share your comments and thoughts below.

Best Regards,


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