2018 has come to an end, and it's the time of reflection of what we've been experiencing and learning throughout the year. This is my 4th year (approximately 3 1/2 year) exploring the actuarial mathematics studies and practices. It is quite interesting that I learned a lot every year, and it gets deeper and a lot deeper each year. In 2015 I got to focus myself in mathematics and start the university life, started to take my first actuarial exam and joined mathematics committees in 2016, started the blog and more exams in 2017, and finally in 2018 I experienced more on the actuarial practices and do research on it.

My 2018 is mostly about the momentous chances that I experienced, that mean so much to me. I got to experience the internship that boosts my insights a lot more about the actuarial field, in so many perspectives. I learnt so much from the experts, how to deal with the actuarial works and interact professionally. To share my insights as an actuarial mathematics student to other people is also a new thing for me. To finish more actuarial exams, and complete the first PAI designation. To do a research thesis, to apply what I've been studying this pass years. These chances taught me to be braver, to believe in myself. Truly grateful for all of the opportunities given to me.

Other than mathematics, I also do art and calligraphy works. It is reaching to my own accomplishments, new breakthrough on the resin holders that I have been wanting to make since last year, got a chance to write couple's names on their official wedding documents, do invitations, and also got some collaborations on projects. Will do more concern on art and calligraphy next year.

I saw that things are all from God's plan and His timings are all right and perfect. I may not got a chance to do an intern in 2017, but I got it in 2018 and it is one of truly the best experience an intern could ever ask for. Lucky to have a very encouraging mentor and team, also supports from other interns and the committees. Other failures are also happening, but I believe that it happened for a reason. Just trust God in all of His will, everything will be good right in the time. We just need to enjoy every moments and opportunities given to us.

I actually can't wait for what 2019 will be like, as I will be finishing my bachelor degree that year, and will be having a new environment obviously. As a human there will always be some concern, what will I face in the future, and will I reach my own target. But we need to face our own fears, to remind ourselves that God will lead us in every thing we do. My resolution in 2019 is to be more grateful, cherish little moments we have with people we love, and enjoy every steps we take. 

So what's your resolutions guys? Share on the comment box below!



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