Some time ago I attended an event hold by LinkedIn, an online social network that represent the real-world professional relationships. This event gave me a clear and detailed information for me about the importance of having a LinkedIn account, to support our future opportunities and careers.

LinkedIn allows us to make an online detailed profile to make recruiters or companies easier to find our profile, and it surely allows open our chances who are seeking new jobs or wanting to find a better career path. The LinkedIn team shares some tips and tricks in how to make a better profile, such as: post a recent photo of you that represents who you are, it will build up a nice image of you. Write a clear bio, what are your powerful skills and talents that will support our future career. There are other useful features too, such as: experience, recommendations, education, skills and endorsement, accomplishments and interests.

From this powerful features I can see so many advantages in having one LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is one of the wise social media for me. I really encourage other people to make LinkedIn profile if you don't have one, or improve your profile if you already did. From my very new LinkedIn profile I got a chance to connect with new people with the same interests and build relationships from it, learn from other professionals, and see what opportunities that is in the field.

Here is a LinkedIn profile that I made, looking forward to connect with you!

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