Experience as an Actuarial Intern in Manulife

For the past 3 months I've been doing an internship in Manulife Indonesia. I gained so much valuable experience, especially in applying the actuarial lessons to the real work. The life contingencies, annuities, accounting, present values are all applied to the life insurance products, and it was a great understanding and knowledge for a university student like me.

I was given a chance to work with Employment Benefit Pricing, and I was mentored by experienced actuaries in the team. In order to come up with good results and deal with deadlines, actuaries need to have a perfect time management, good business sense and understanding of the product, also excellent analyzing skills. They showed me how to be better in facing problems, how to deal with other parties and also teamwork. I am so grateful to be part of this group, to learn and improve my skills from the team.

Besides work duties, I also did a project with the interns. This project really helps me in understanding the actuarial assumptions behind the products, how the actuarial lessons are applied in real cases. Besides, it was also a great opportunity to work with the valuable interns from other universities at the same ages. 

Internship or Co-op is definitely a good opportunity for uni students to learn how actuarial skills are applied in the business world. This is a great program for us to answer all our questions during our university years: Is this actuary a career that I really want to pursue? What skills do I need to be a valuable actuary? From this program I learned that this field requires us not only to understand the basic actuarial lessons, but also conscientiousness, promptness, also high accuracy. To deal with this we need high concentration to work optimally. 

After this 3 months of internship, I believe that I have a better knowledge on this actuarial field, and I know that I love this job and am not mistaken in taking this actuarial mathematics as my major. And from now on I understand what improvements should I gain in order to be more qualified as a fresh graduate with Bachelor of Actuarial Science. It was an unforgettable experience, thank you for the opportunity, thank you Manulife!

Best Regards,


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