Mathematics In-Depth, a seminar held at Saturday, March 24th 2018. Mathematics In-Depth aims to deepen our mathematics' knowledge in 3 different specialization that UPH offer: in actuarial mathematics, computational mathematics and also business mathematics. Therefore, it rises to a tagline, 'Explore Your Future', hoping everyone could explore and develop their plans on mathematics field in the future. It was held by applied mathematics students from Universitas Pelita Harapan batch 2015, which is me included, and audiences were applied mathematics students from all batches. This event was sponsored by READI Project.

Mr. William Soetrisno, FSA begins the first session, Big Data in Actuarial Worlds.

Mr Yudhistira Dharmawata, FSA, FRM explaining about the Big Data in Manulife.

First session of the seminar was about Big Data in Actuarial Worlds. Mr. William Soetrisno FSA showed us how big a big data is, and explained how big data is used in many cases. Big data are huge number of data sets, which is later examined computationally. It is analyzed and so it can be widely used to get a better decisions and strategic moves. The session was then continued by Mr. Yudhistira Dharmawata, FSA, FRM, explaining about how big data is useful in Manulife. Big Data in Manulife are used in many cases, such as for product pricing, sales generation, fraud detection.

Dr. Riza Casidy is sharing us his experience in the second session, Marketing Research Involving Mathematics.

Marketing Research Involving Mathematics, a session held for business mathematics concentration, with Dr. Riza Casidy as the speaker. He explained a brief description about how he sees marketing research as an art or science, whether it is intuition or intelligence. He also told us examples of marketing research cases, and shared us some of his topics too, which are: Consumer attitude towards new products or services, Consumer interactions in social media, Consumer relationship with brands, and others. I find this interesting because I've just noticed that marketing research results do apply in our daily life! Some of the careers in market research are business analyst, market research director, qualitative or quantitative research assistant, and many others.

Besides, he gave an explanation of research approach: qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative approach is about explore "the unknown", develop theory and frameworks. Methods to do qualitative approach are by in-depth interviews, focus groups. Quantitative approach is test existing theories or frameworks, find pattern in data. Survey, experiment, secondary data analysis are methods to do quantitative approach.

Mr. Irfan Wahyudin, S.Si, M. Kom. talking about Data Science in Universitas Pelita Harapan.

The third session was about Data Science, by Mr. Irfan Wahyudin, S.Si, M.Kom. Data Scientist is a person who is better at statistics than any software engineer and better at software engineer than any statistician. Many skills are needed in order to be a data scientist, making it the most hunted job in this decade. There are main topics in mathematics that are required in data science: linear algebra, calculus, and statistics. He also described specifically methods and analysis in cluster analysis.

The committee of Mathematics In-Depth Seminar
P.s.: These photos are courtesy of the committee's documentation.

It was such an amazing opportunity to work with friends in making this seminar came true. It was a nice experience to be part of this team. Thank you for Capstone's lecturer, Ms. Helena Margaretha and Mr. Ferry Vincentius for the guidance in this seminar. I would like to thank the speakers for the knowledge given to us, it deepens my understandings about big data, marketing research and data science. Thank you for sharing with us.

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