Having a good life balance is a challenge for an actuary, and also an actuarial student (who are pursuing actuarial certifications) which I’ve experienced myself. As a student, dealing with lecture classes at weekdays, home works, organizations, projects, and social life are daily activities that we need to face. But when we add preparation of actuarial exams to the schedule it becomes a real challenging task. As we already know, it requires lots and lots of study time to succeed in the exam. We might find it hard to find time to study which will end up to sacrificing social life with friends and family, because when we don’t study we might feel guilty about it.

So, how can we define our own kind of life balance as an actuarial student? After some research and experiences here are some of the strategies:

1. Identify your own kind of ideal life balance.
I recognize that we as humans need different amount of time to study, to do our tasks, and we have different priorities. So, do what you prioritize first, but remember the other urgency of other activities. Allocate sufficient time to every activities, focus on what you’ve prioritize, because an ideal life balance means having the things we need and at the same time want to do.

2. Make your study time as a habit, not a task.
This strategy is so helpful as I experienced it myself. By making study time as a habit, it changes all my mindset. I’m happy for what I’m doing, not seeing it as what I have to do. Don’t see study time as sacrificing other nice activities to study, but see it as if you study, you will pass your exams, and you will become a certified actuary. You should try this too!

3. Be discipline and don’t quit.
Specify a particular time for studying and set routine for it. All you need is self-discipline. Be strict to yourself about your own-scheduled study time, so that it will lead you to tips #2, study time as a habit.

After some continuous time of pursuing exams, you might feel exhausted, don’t quit. Remember why you take exams at first, remember your goals too!

4. Enjoy your free time.
This might be hard because exams are getting near and near, and we are rushing to get all lessons covered for the exam. We deserve free time after hours of studying, make use of your free time wisely. This will somehow increase your motivation to keep doing your activities.

5. Find a comfortable place to study.
Try to avoid studying in locations where interruptions can easily distract you. Find a quiet and focus spot, it will make you study faster. I personally experienced this too!

6. Be Calm.
Stress will never make you better, it will make you panic, overthink that will lead you to sickness. Be calm, everything is scheduled and know that you will cover all the lessons on time.

What are your tips to make a balance in life as an actuary or actuarial student? Share it with me in this post, would love to hear from you!

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