Hello! So its January 7th and it's exactly my last day of my end year holiday, so I'm gonna share with you about what I learn in 2017 and this year, 2018's resolution. 2017 has been a very good year for me even though it's like a roller coaster (everyone is facing it tho), consists of ups and downs. 


In 2017, I've learned that:
1. Things are not meant to run just like our own plans, but if we trust God everything is GOING to be beautiful just in the right time. 
Everything that happened is not your plan, but it's His plan. And His timing is always the best. We might think that why everything is not on track, not just like what we've managed even we have put sooo much effort in it, but everything will just be good in the end, and it's the best that we will get.

2. Focus on what we are achieving, for what we want to be in the future, and start reaching for it.
I plan to finish few things in this 2017, and luckily almost all of them are in my done list! I've done some numbers of SOA and PAI exam, I get to run new calligraphy shop, workshops that is so much related to my hobby. Well, I should say that I always have to be grateful for everything that has happened in 2017, every steps God has lead me.

3. We cannot do everything at a time, do it step by step.
I always push myself to do things quickly and sometimes i want to finish unrealistic mass of works in a very limited time. So for every ideas, projects and works I need to be more prepared, more careful, to plan everything in a bigger view, and also every details. Remember Ear, don't be in a rush!


My 2018's resolution would be:
1. Spend more time with loved ones, especially family and friends.
In 2017 I focus too much in studies and projects, that makes lessen quality time for them. So 2018 please be nice, I want to have a good social life too!

2. Improve my skill in the actuarial field and art especially calligraphy, with new ideas and innovation! 
I believe my college will widen my knowledge about actuary, in subjects and also upcoming projects. Also about taking actuarial exams, and this blog for sure. In calligraphy I plan to add more supplies to the shop, and also take more projects.

3. Take time to appreciate myself.
Sometimes I feel like I don't easily get satisfied with my own work, eventhough it's good already (perfectionist me). So i want to appreciate myself in any way, any case, see the good in everything, not just in a big successful thing (passing exams is a so big thing for me, aren't you actuaries? :P).

To end this post, I'd like to wish you a good year in 2018, be happier, healthier, success in every good thing that you do. Happy New Year!

Best Regards,


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