Instead of exam tips again and again, I’m gonna post my daily life incident. So many wonderful blessings God has given to me, that I thought I don’t deserve. I got so many things to be grateful for, and I’m just gonna share in this post, not for showing off but to show how God’s will for my life.

This week has been so full of surprises for me. On June 2017 I did SOA Financial Mathematics Exam, and the preliminary results say I passed! I’m super happy for this because I got to step to another actuarial exams. The exact results have been released this week, and I got a Grade 9! LIKE WHAT MY HEART BURSTS WITH JOY SEEING A 9 IN MY FM GRADE! COULDN’T THANK GOD ENOUGH! For me 9 is a super satisfying grade, in my opinion. I was checking it in the middle of the class and I shout until all of my friends ask why I hystericaly did that lol what a shame. I never expect a 9 in this because I only target myself to pass, no matter what score I get (for me 6 is already awesome :’D ). From this grade, I felt like all of my hard work, time taken to study Financial Mathematics for months was totally paid off. I studied Financial Mathematics almost every time I have free time, this subject and studying time has been my priority for months. From now on, I do understand more how to study actuarial exams, which means that we need totality and plenty of time to study for actuarial exams (I've known it from the beginning, just this is the right time needed to pass for actuarial exams). Thank God, He has blessed me with so many things to be grateful for, showing me that life is a wonderful experience to live with.

From my experience in taking 2 SOA Actuarial Exams, P and FM, I learn that fierce and doubt about things that we haven't know is not a good point of view. I always heard that SOA is a difficult exam, it is so hard, and other scary statements that often most actuaries heard (I bet you heard these too!). We need to try to overcome every challenge with dedication and surrender everything into God's hands because He can change impossible things to become possible, we can achieve achievements that can make us valuable in the future. So why don't we try and not waste our time as long as we have chances to take and time to study?

Another surprise, I got to make my first Calligraphy Workshop happened! It is Introduction to Copperplate Calligraphy workshop, good for beginners. So happy that I could teach students who have eagerness in studying calligraphy, especially copperplate style calligraphy. Besides teaching, I also have a chance to widen my social life in calligraphy, with people who have the same interest just like me. Thank you so much for making this first workshop done successfully without any significant errors. This have been a very thoughtful experience for me because I hope I can expand my passion in calligraphy field, develop my passion in art. I hope I can deepen my knowledge and social life in art everyday. Watch my Calligraphy Workshop recap below!

People often say we need to walk right straightly and focus on one main target, but I run two things which are my passions (art and mathematics) in one same time. It turns out everything can run smoothly without any huge problem. For that there's one thing that I am sure of is the blessing and power of God that really exist in my life. So rely everything on God, we do our part and trust me, God will do His part, believe God will make everything perfect.

Best Regards,


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